We love great pizza too!

We love great pizza just as much as you do. And we used to be just like your customers! We would sit at home watching a game on the weekend, or maybe gathering friends for an evening of watching the kids run around, and then we’d order a pizza. And when it arrived, we would settle for getting it colder and soggier than we’d like.


Inspiration strikes!

Then a friend thought about using our company's proprietary techniques to create an expanded material to go under pizzas. If we used this to raise the pizza off the bottom of the delivery box, wouldn't that allow the oils to drop through and solve the soggy crust problem?

For decades our company has practiced a specialized method of expanding materials, then cutting accurate holes to tight specifications for a variety of technical applications.

On our hand-crafted machines, materials are simultaneously slit and stretched by shaped tools, which determine the form and number of openings. Strand dimensions (width and thickness), overall thickness of the piece and weight per square inch are adjusted depending on the material and application.

So why not create a food-grade plastic mesh to go under the pizza in a delivery box? Such a mesh would allow the oils to drop through, leaving the crust dry. No more soggy crust!


Rigorous Testing

After almost two years of testing an exhaustive combination of variables in our labs, in our own kitchens, and at pizza restaurants all over the country, we believe we have perfected a product that will please you and your customers.

Free CrustSaver Samples

If you feel the same way we do about quality pizza, give
CrustSaver™ a try! We’ll gladly send you some free samples (click here).

We encourage you to take the “CrustSaver™ Challenge” with two of your house special pizzas, one with CrustSaver™ underneath and the other without.. Then let us know what you think. Based on what our customers say, we’re confident you’ll find CrustSaver™ to be a valuable addition to your operation.

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CrustSaver under your pizza keeps the crust dry, so you can deliver better tasting pizza (and no more soggy crusts!)