Look at what operators are saying about CrustSaver™!

“We love the product, it’s working well for us. We get lots of compliments about the pizza no longer being soggy or mushy, and it also keeps it from sticking to the box.”

—Papa Dan’s Pizza, CA

“I use only very high end, top quality ingredients, and we would not get caught without CrustSaver™. It’s the best thing that we have done to assure the quality on our pizza. We are located in a very high income neighborhood and are bombarded by fast food pizza everywhere. We separate ourselves by using only top quality ingredients, and we absolutely love CrustSaver™.”

Renderoni's, MI

“CrustSaver™ works great!”

—Pies on Pizzeria, PA

“We serve strictly Chicago Style pizza stuffed with three cheeses and very thick, lots of oils; CrustSaver™ works very well. It keeps the pizza from touching the oils and keeps the pizza crispier."

—Carlos Pizza, MI

"I’m extremely pleased, especially with the supreme pizzas and the pizzas with more than 4 toppings. Thank you CrustSaver™!”

—Sonny’s Pizza of Chareston, NC

“We have four restaurants and our customers are pretty happy with the CrustSaver™. With the thin crust Chicago type pizza covered with lots of stuff, it works.”

—Spinatos Izza, AZ

“They work great!”

—Mio Posto Restaurant, NC

"The product is awesome! We tried several other things over the years and CrustSaver™ is the best product we have come across. It truly keeps the sogginess down on the pies. We use them on the heavy topped pizzas and it works. Great product.”

—Mario’s Pizza, NC

“We love these things!”

—Stone Hearth, MA

“I love it! When we first got the samples I used one to make a pizza for myself, set it on an oven and got busy for an hour. Later I wanted to take it home and thought it would be nasty, but it was still warm, and the pizza was still crisp; that sold me.”

—Brothers Railroad Inn, KS

“We are quite pleased with CrustSaver™. We use a coal furnace and the pizzas get soggy even with the wax paper and corrugation, but with CrustSaver™ it helps a great deal. The profit margin on take out is up and the volume is definitely up since we started using CrustSaver&trade, and above all our customers are quite satisfied because we’re making an effort in remedying a problem.”

—CBO Pizza, NJ

“We absolutely love the product! It does what it is supposed to do.”

—Land Sharks Pizza, FL

“Besides take out orders we use CrustSaver™ under our house pies during the day for the lunch line and it keeps them crispy... Customers like them. They think the product is great. It really works great. When we run out at the restaurant everyone goes nuts!”

—Matrino’s Pizza, NY

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CrustSaver under your pizza keeps the crust dry, so you can deliver better tasting pizza (and no more soggy crusts!)