Up Until Now – Soggy Crust

Pizzerias know the revenue potential of takeout and delivery pizza. But customers have two complaints: when it arrives it’s not hot – and the crust is soggy. Operators addressed the first problem with heated bags. But the oils from the terrific toppings still dropped down between the cut slices, wetting the crust and the delivery box. And those heated bags retain the condensation, making the “soggy” problem worse.

Ordinary Alternatives Don’t Taste Good

Up until now, pizzerias have had few options. Some put an insert of corrugated cardboard under the pizza – but that gives the pizza a cardboard-like taste! Others put wax paper under the pizza – but that just creates a barrier so the oils don’t seep into the box. The pizza then acts like a sponge and soaks up the oils.

CrustSaver™ Beats the Rest!

CrustSaver Comparison Chart

Now With CrustSaver™ - Dry Crust!

Now pizzerias everywhere are discovering that a great pizza can be delivered the way you took it out of the oven – with a dry crust! This looks and tastes better. Customers are happier. They’re more loyal. And they come back for more!

Product Details

  • CrustSaver™ is made from an FDA approved material, so it’s safe to use next to food.
  • Unlike ordinary plastic mesh, CrustSaver™ is heat resistant to 400ºF, so your hot pizza coming out of the oven won’t melt the mesh. And you can put it in the oven for warming or cooking. (Cooking a pizza on CrustSaver™ actually produces a flatter, more evenly browned crust!).
  • Safe in the oven and microwave.
  • CrustSaver™ is cut resistant. So you can put it in the delivery box under the pizza and cut as usual.
  • CrustSaver™ is recyclable. So it’s safe for your customers to discard after a single use. (Although if they want to save and re-use it, they can use it in their own oven too!).
  • CrustSaver™ is currently available in three sizes

    • 9x9”
    • 12x12”
    • 14x14”
    (which works well for up to 18” pizzas!).

Pizza Restaurant Operators Love CrustSaver™

“We are quite pleased with CrustSaver™. We use a coal furnace and the pizzas get soggy even with the wax paper and corrugation, but with CrustSaver™ it helps a great deal. The profit margin on take out is up and the volume is definitely up since we started using Dri Pie®, and above all our customers are quite satisfied because we’re making an effort in remedying a problem.”

—CBO Pizza, NJ

Keeping Your Crust Crispy!

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Rave Reviews!

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CrustSaver under your pizza keeps the crust dry, so you can deliver better tasting pizza (and no more soggy crusts!)